Bad bollards

Is this the worst bollard you have seen in Sydney?


  1. Reflective / invisible on approach
  2. Thin and sharp on one side
  3. Pointy end on the top


Bollards are useful for protecting infrastructure and preventing motor vehicle access.

Thought must be taken to ensure the bollard design and placements do not risk injuring people walking or cycling.

Bollard guidelines adopted by the RMS can be found in the Austroads Guide to Road design Part 6a: Paths for Walking and Cycling.  See 10.4.2 Bollards and U-rails.


U-rail placements (also known as chicanes) can also be problematic when they prevent access by larger wheeled pedestrians – eg. strollers, wheelchairs.

P.S.  I’ve also heard bollards called other names.  In these instances, the alternative name describes the bollards in the CBD where one can be walking along with the crowd, and then suddenly the people in front of you part into two and you get hit in the groin by a lump of metal.

Any bollard issues can be reported to the local council.