Submission: Sydney Gateway

Community feedback for the Sydney Gateway concept design closes today (Fri 21 June 2019).

The concept design proposes a replacement route for the active travel connection we are losing, however, does not provide any other additional active travel connections to link the space.

The project also will impact the unofficial active travel route with the widening of Qantas Drive.

Sydney Gateway - proposed replacement walking and cycling route
Sydney Gateway concept design – proposed replacement walking and cycling route

WalkSydney’s submission

The Greater Sydney Region Plan and Future Transport Strategy 2056 emphasise the
intention to accommodate shorter trips by walking and cycling and Sydney Gateway needs to support this intention with the delivery of active transport infrastructure to popular destinations and growth areas including Sydney Airport, Mascot, Cooks Cove and Sydenham Metro Station.

With 31,000 staff working at and around the Sydney Airport and 5,300 workers living within 10km of the Airport, many trips could be accommodated by walking and cycling in particular releasing road space for businesses and people who need to drive.

The proposal to retain the active transport link beside Alexandra Canal is supported and Sydney Gateway needs to ensure walking and cycling journeys are made easier, faster and safer by providing the following active transport infrastructure:

  1. Direct connection between St Peters interchange and the Alexandra Canal
    cycleway. The Pedestrian and Cycle Implementation Strategy (dated 19 February
    2019) approved by the Secretary of Planning as part of the New M5 consent
    identifies the active transport gap between the St Peters Interchange and Sydney
    Airport and states this gap will be delivered by RMS as the proponent of the Sydney Gateway project.
  2. A direct crossing of Cooks River to the south. This could be achieved via re-
    allocating road space on the Giovani Brunetti Bridge or by constructing a new link to enable connections to cycleways in the south, where many airport staff live.
  3. Direct connections from the Alexandra Canal cycleway to the T2 and T3 terminals
    and beyond to the Bayside Council cycleway network
  4. A direct east-west connections between Coward St Mascot and Sydenham Station
    where development in the future will result in more residents
  5. Safe and direct connections throughout construction.

AirportGateway ATN DeficienciesMap 2019 - cropped

Cities around the world have shown that more people will travel via active means if they have safe and direct infrastructure to so and in catering for more vehicle traffic, this project has the opportunity to offer safe walking and cycling facilities for other road customers as well.

What can you do?

Email or update the interactive map today, providing support for WalkSydney’s submission, and reiterating support for the 5 points.

Feel free to add why these active travel links are important to you.