Perks or Erks about Erko?

The City of Sydney is proposing a new cycleway and other treatments for MacDonald and Goddard Streets in Erskineville.

The work includes a new stormwater drain to reduce the risk of flooding in the area, as well as 2 new pedestrian crossings and updated lighting will improve safety.

Work is expected to start in mid-2020 and be complete by mid-2021.


Initial observations

Discussions on social media included the following observations:

Pros –

  • welcome repurposing of street space form private parking to public paths,
  • additional tree cover,
  • new cycleway,
  • zebra crossings.

Cons –

  • increased traffic permeability (and therefore traffic),
  • missing continuous footpaths at some side roads,
  • no speed limit reduction,
  • inadequate traffic calming,

Onsite discussion this Saturday

To continue the discussion, this Saturday 29 June at 10am, Friends of Erko, BikeSydney, City of Sydney Councillor Jess Miller and Christopher Standen will be attending an onsite walkthrough to discuss the details.  Meet at Kirsova One Playground.

Get involved

You can show support/give feedback via the City of Sydney website.

Consultation closes 1 July 2019.