Active Living NSW – Thank you & Goodbye

Active Living NSW will wrap up in early 2020.

You may be familiar with the program’s previous name, PCAL (NSW Premier’s Council for Active Living).

Annual highlights included the FitNSW Conference, this year, featuring keynote speaker Lucy Saunders from Healthy Streets, UK.

PCAL was established in 2004 and followed on from the NSW Physical Activity Taskforce (1996 and 2002).  It aimed to build and strengthen the physical and social environments in which communities engage in active living and healthy eating. It comprised senior representatives from across government, industry and the community sector.

PCAL’s activities were informed by better practice recommendations that highlight the need for high-level interagency collaboration as a key component of a comprehensive strategy to increase health promoting physical activity and healthy eating.

PCAL’s focus was on initiating policy change through the provision of strategic advice and advocacy.

The program’s resources will be transitioned to the Heart Foundation’s websites: Healthy Active by Design website or Heart Foundation website.

Thank you Active Living NSW and the Heart Foundation for your ongoing work and support for improving community health and active living.