Sydney Water: Alexandra Canal asset masterplan

Sydney Water are working on an asset plan to guide the restoration and repair of the Alexandra Canal walls / embankments.

The Alexandra Canal is 4km in length and runs from Alexandria, past Sydney Airport and down to the Cooks River.

Image via Sydney Water

The 2001 Alexandra Canal masterplan arranged for a 10m setback on both sides of the canal, to support walking, cycling and recreational activities for the community.

Repairs of the canal walls could allow other planned path construction to go ahead.

It is important that the community provide feedback to strongly recognise and support the importance of walking tracks around Sydney waterways.

How to provide feedback:

  1. Visit the webpage and Sign In or Register to provide feedback.
  2. There are 2 ways to provide feedback:
    1. Places – pin a comment on the map about where and how you interact with the canal.
    2. Stories – write a short paragraph about your experience.
  3. You can also take the quick poll to identify your main use of the canal (eg. walking).
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