Streets should be closed for walking

Over the weekend the Mayors of both Inner West Council, Darcy Byrne and Canada Bay Council, Angelo Tsirekas told residents to stay away from the popular walking trail, the Bay Run in Inner West Sydney.

The concern was the increased use and inability to social distance. There has been increased complaints of it being too crowded.

Bay Run, Drummoyne

Pictured above is the walk. Despite the request to stay away, people need to exercise. There is a clear solution to this crowding. The Canada Bay Council could close the road that hugs the walk, Henley Marine Drive. There were few cars travelling on it and with the lack of traffic generally there were plenty of alternative routes.

We call for a trial to opening some streets. Henley Marine Drive in Drummoyne is an obvious street to open, to walkers and cyclists!

P.S. Sign and share the national petition supporting #SpaceForHealth, a call for safer walking & cycling space in Australia NOW!