Momentum around #SpaceForHealth increasing

Thank you everyone for your support on the #SpaceForHealth campaign, urging government to prioritise safe, healthy, and economic streets for all of Australia. Below are some updates on recent media and where to go for more info.


Rush to parks, cycleways during shutdown reveals Sydney’s great divide (SMH 2 May 2020)

“An advocate of “build it and they will come”, Mr Stokes favours creating safer and “more interesting pedestrianised landscapes”. Mr Stokes said the COVID-19 crisis had highlighted the need for wider footpaths…  “The challenge with vehicles is it creates a hostile environment for any other land use. We need to find ways to democratise that space and make it available to everyone,” he said.”

Call for wider footpaths, more cycling paths, slower streets to allow safe distancing (SMH 3 May 2020)

“A spokesperson for Transport for NSW confirmed the government was working to ensure public safety and “the longevity of walking and cycling options”, and looking at ways to address crowed roads and paths near popular exercise locations, local businesses, and government services office. “Some areas would be temporarily reconfigured to provide adequate space for social distancing practices,” the spokesperson said.”

Website has been setup to collect resources. Check out The Toolkit for the top 10 interventions that you could contact your representatives to implement in your local area.

Principles of #SpaceForHealth

  • Maintain safety of all people
  • Provide more space for people to walk, ride a bicycle, and other micromobility devices
  • Ensure people have safe, healthy and sustainable options for individual mobility
  • Consider immediate situation and the emerging mobility trends when travel restrictions are relaxed to access essential services, recreational spaces, work places, centres,
  • Clear messaging of policies and procedures


Please sign and share the the petition #SpaceForHealth, a call for safer walking & cycling space in Australia NOW!. Check out the wonderful comments of the people who have signed!

Great work everyone! Keep sharing the #SpaceForHealth message!