Sharing The Blue Mile, Wollongong

Photo of the Blue Mile shared pathway

Dear Lord Mayor Bradbery


WalkSydney is a community group working to make it easier, safer and more pleasant to walk in Sydney. With a growing population we need to ensure people can easily walk to public transport, local shops and services, and shared transport options.

We support the move to provide more space for active transport – people walking and cycling. Providing a dedicated cycleway along Cliff Rd will improve and support safe active travel around the area and reduce congestion along the Blue Mile. Thank you for raising a Mayoral Minute in support of this.

However, we also strongly support increasing walking and cycling in the region as part of the active transport plan for the area. WalkSydney support separation of paths for movements of different speeds, however, as we take time to redesign and improve our communities, places and road space, we support the sharing of the existing space to enable safe and easy active transport for all.

We believe that people walking and cycling can co-exist safely in the space, together enjoying the beautiful area and view. Access to the Blue Mile also supports walking and cycling for tourism support. In these covid times, whilst people are unable to travel overseas, it is important for our Australian towns and cities to support domestic tourism.

The incline on Cliff Rd may also not be appropriate for people with mobility requirements and it is important to maintain options to support everyone’s safe and easy access and movement through our communities.

City of Sydney have a Share The Path behavioural change program that may apply well here, to help encourage locals and visitors to calmly and safely co-exist with each other, as walking and cycling needs increase in our communities to support physical health, mental health and the environment. 

Therefore, in addition to providing new improved safe cycling options, we urge that Wollongong Council maintain the shared space configuration along the Blue Mile, allowing both people walking and cycling to continue to move safely and easily through this area and enjoy the beautiful areas Wollongong has to offer.

Thank you for taking the time to read our feedback.

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Update – 3 Mar 2021 – Council response