Submission for better high streets and walkability for Bulli/Thirroul

The review of traffic in Bulli and Thirroul by TfNSW is open for feedback until July 30th.

WalkSydney opposes most of the changes proposed for Bulli and Thirroul given they make walking less pleasant and less safe.

The proposed changes focus on removing kerbside parking to increase the number of lanes through the high streets. Clearways bring speeding traffic too close to people walking and result in increased noise and speeds in an area where people want to enjoy grabbing a coffee and holding a conversation.

We encourage Transport for NSW to prioritise and improve the following aspects of the proposed improvements:

  1. Apply Movement and Place framework appropriately to support high streets
  2. Increase accessibility and amenity around shopping areas
  3. Prioritisation of people over traffic speed 
  4. Reduce congestion by prioritising public transport accessibility
  5. Proper infrastructure to support safe and easy walking and cycling
  6. 30km/h speed limits in residential neighbourhoods 
  7. Adequate footpaths and walking infrastructure for Point Street and Trinity Row

Find our full submission here.