Welcome to our new committee for 2021

On Saturday, the 28th August we held our Annual General Meeting, and we welcome the new WalkSydney committee for the next year:

  • Brigid Kelly – President
  • Lena Huda  – Vice-President
  • David Haertsch – Treasurer
  • Regina Haertsch – Secretary
  • Federico Marcantognini – Technologist
  • David Martin – Committee member
  • Barnaby Bennett  – Committee member
  • David Levinson – Committee member
  • Anna Harvey – Committee member

We thank the outgoing committee and immediate past President Barnaby Bennett and Vice President Yvonne Poon for their immense effort and contribution to WalkSydney and its’ establishment as a peak pedestrian advocacy group.

Focus areas for the next year discussed included:

  • Developing membership activities and build the walking community
  • Campaigns – eg. 30km/h zones, improving traffic signal treatment for pedestrians
  • Supporting the existing chapters (Randwick, Canada Bay and Wollongong) for Safe Streets to School and help to find campaigners for new ones
  • Upcoming local council elections
  • Strategic partnering with organisations to promote walking projects

To join us, please complete the membership form.

To receive details about our next meeting, please contact us.

Published by Lena Huda

Lena is the founder of 30Please.org. She grew up on a quiet residential street in Germany, where 30km/h speed limits were implemented in the 80’s. From 6 years old, all children in the neighbourhood either walked or cycled to school. It was normal for children to play on the streets. Lena believes Australia needs to experience lower speed limits to grasp the positive effect on everyone’s day to day life and make it finally possible for all Australians to appreciate walking and cycling as a mode of transport, not just a recreational activity. Before moving to Australia in October in 2019, Lena has had a successful career working in senior positions for major investment banks in London. The COVID19 crisis, gave her time to reflect upon contributions she could make to society so she decided to dedicate time to launch 30Please.org. Inspired by the successful 20’s Plenty for Us campaign from the UK and by a research paper calling to reduce the default speed limit of 50km/h to 30km/h published by the British Academy “If you could do one thing…” https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/cdn-nrspp/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2017/03/21123659/dannydorling_publication_id3924.pdf Lena decided to campaign for lower speed limits. This is a science-backed low-cost measure that would save lives, prevent injuries, reduce health inequalities, reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions, promote stronger communities, enable more walking and cycling and reduce obesity. Lena lives in Wollongong council and started her campaign in her local neighbourhood. https://www.illawarramercury.com.au/story/6789059/illawarra-motorists-back-a-cut-to-speed-limits-in-residential-areas/

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