Local Government Election Survey

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Local Government Elections take place on 4th December 2021. Local Government plays a crucial role to improve walkability within their local government area (LGA).

WalkSydney sent a survey to all councillors in Greater Sydney about their views on walkability in their respective LGA. Councillors were encouraged to forward the survey to other candidates within their party. Find out what your local election candidates think about different measures to improve walkability here.

64 candidates from 25 LGAs participated in our survey. A striking 100% of councillors who responded said that we need to make it safer and easier for children to walk and ride a bicycle to school.

The majority of candidates who replied support low speed, low traffic neighbourhoods, and increasing tree canopy over walkways.

Councillors were also given the chance to reflect on what motions they supported in the past on council that aimed to improve walkability.

We do love footpaths but improving walkability involves more than just building footpaths. We also need streets that are easy to cross, we need lower speeds, low traffic neighbourhoods, and more shade.