Secrets of Successful High Streets

Glebe Point Road Glebe Point Road

Committee for Sydney has mapped 120 of Sydney’s high streets

On analysis it was found that these attributes make a high street work:

  • Prioritise pedestrians;
  • Allow cars;
  • Reduce speed (to 30km/h)
  • Narrow carriageways;
  • Frequent zebra (pedestrian) crossings;
  • Continuous retail;
  • Critical mass of local customers;
  • Relatively short;
  • North/south orientation;
  • Awnings;
  • Victorian Buildings (not too high).

Aspects of a high street which lead to its demise are:

  • Speeds over 40km/h;
  • Slip lanes;
  • Clearways;
  • Car park crossings;
  • Raised frontages;
  • Absence of places to sit.

This is a most interesting investigation. If you are interested in community life, access to necessary and convenient services read the report. You can check if your high street has been assessed and otherwise learn. Congrats to Committee for Sydney.

A little part of Glebe Point Road – trees, crossings, awnings and stuff slowing any car