Walking infrastructure steps up

In 2015, a parent with five children at a school in the Parramatta council area asked for a pedestrian crossing to be installed near the school. Council staff said no because it didn’t comply with the NSW warrant for pedestrian crossings.  Warrants are State guidelines to install new pedestrian crossings and until now councils have only considered crossingsContinue reading “Walking infrastructure steps up”

Submission: Hoxton Park Road project connecting Liverpool CBD and Western Sydney International Airport October 2019 

WalkSydney is a community group advocating for walking and better streets. Streets provide places for important social and economic engagement as well as infrastructure for walking and WalkSydney wants to see bold coordinated action to make walking in Sydney safer, easier and more pleasant.  The Western City Deal is intended to transform Western Sydney andContinue reading “Submission: Hoxton Park Road project connecting Liverpool CBD and Western Sydney International Airport October 2019 “

Submission: Pulse of Greater Sydney

4 September 2019 Lucy Turnbull, Chief Commissioner Greater Sydney Commission NSW 2124 Dear Ms Turnbull, The Pulse of Greater Sydney – Measuring what matters for walking WalkSydney is a community group working to make it easier, safer and more pleasant to walk in Sydney. With a growing population and limited space we need to ensureContinue reading “Submission: Pulse of Greater Sydney”

Painted pedestrian crossings aren’t safe enough

Last year in talking about the rise in the number of people killed while walking, Ben Rossiter from Victoria Walks pointed the finger squarely at motorists and road design – and he’s right.  Take zebra crossings – lines painted on a road surface showing where, according to rule 81 of the Road Rules, a driverContinue reading “Painted pedestrian crossings aren’t safe enough”

Managing our roads for better places

The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is now planning and building links to form a network of connected motorways in Sydney. In about ten years Sydney will have motorways connecting Sydney – north, south, east, west – providing fast and easy driving for longer trips around Sydney. The individual network projects have all claimed benefitsContinue reading “Managing our roads for better places”