Walking Sightless – an Experience

This a repost from Instagram with permissionpoppitheguidedog 954 likespoppitheguidedog Warning this post is triggering and involves the near death or injury of Poppi and myself.I have been left feeling shaken, helpless and a like Poppi and I don’t matter. Poppi was guiding me through the main street in our home city of Parramatta. We wereContinue reading “Walking Sightless – an Experience”

Secrets of Successful High Streets

Committee for Sydney has mapped 120 of Sydney’s high streets On analysis it was found that these attributes make a high street work: Prioritise pedestrians; Allow cars; Reduce speed (to 30km/h) Narrow carriageways; Frequent zebra (pedestrian) crossings; Continuous retail; Critical mass of local customers; Relatively short; North/south orientation; Awnings; Victorian Buildings (not too high). AspectsContinue reading “Secrets of Successful High Streets”

Big four Dutch cities want lower speed limits to cut road deaths

DutchNews.nl has reported the following on 1 December 2021: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht have written to parliament and the cabinet calling for a reduction of maximum speeds on most urban roads to 30 kph, the Parool reported on Wednesday. The move would lead to a significant reduction in the number of people beingContinue reading “Big four Dutch cities want lower speed limits to cut road deaths”

Crosswalks are pedestrian crossings and some need zebra crossings

When a road crossing is an extension of a footpath our road rules sometimes give right of way to pedestrians as the illustration below refers According to NSW Centre for Road Safety brochure ‘Top 10 Misunderstood Road Rules in NSW’, drivers do not understand the rule concerning giving way to pedestrians when the driver isContinue reading “Crosswalks are pedestrian crossings and some need zebra crossings”

Road Safety Joint Select Committee

The Joint Select Committee on Road Safety, the second of the 46th Parliament, was established by a resolution of appointment that was passed by the House of Representatives on 25 February 2021 and the Senate on 15 March 2021. It follows the previous Joint Select Committee on Road Safety, which tabled its final report on 30Continue reading “Road Safety Joint Select Committee”

Sydney Park Junction

Transport for NSW proposes to reduce traffic lanes, create new walking links, cycleways and dynamic community spaces, WalkSydney has provided a submission. If you would like to comment on the proposal, you have until midnight on Monday 4 October 2021. The proposal and Have You Say option can be found at: https://caportal.com.au/tfnsw/sydney-park-junction OUR VIEW WalkSydneyContinue reading “Sydney Park Junction”

Need to return road space for walking and cycling – Bridge Rd Glebe

Bridge Road Glebe changes from single lane to two lanes for a short distance along the Blackwattle Bay foreshore (between A and B on the map above).  Two lanes are unnecessary and dangerous because they enable overtaking and speeding. The second lanes on Bridge Road are required to cater for the high number of walkersContinue reading “Need to return road space for walking and cycling – Bridge Rd Glebe”

Giving Way where there are no signs or lights

On 21 December 2019 WalkSydney posted Why Australian Road Rules need to be rewritten to put walking first. Our proposal is that every intersection is implicitly a crosswalk, whether marked or not, so vehicles at uncontrolled intersections always must yield to pedestrians both crossing and about to cross. In many places outside Australia, this isContinue reading “Giving Way where there are no signs or lights”

National Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030

Every ten years federal, state and territory governments agree on a set of priorities to reduce road user fatalities and serious injuries. WalkSydney has submitted to the consultation and our full submission is available online. In summary our main points are: Deploy 30 km/h safe street neighbourhood zones: The strategy needs to be more explicitContinue reading “National Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030”

When will your Council set a 30 km/h limit in your neighbourhood?

Today WalkSydney and 30please.org wrote to 33 local governments in Greater Sydney asking when they would introduce a 30 km/h speed limit in residential neighbourhoods. Slow speed is the easiest way to increase pedestrian and cyclist safety. It also allows many road users to share the same space and is therefore inexpensive to introduce. (ReadContinue reading “When will your Council set a 30 km/h limit in your neighbourhood?”

Make room for social distancing – some car-free streets sometimes please

Narrow footpaths are inadequate for maintaining safe social distancing. You may also have noticed that many public spaces are noticeably crowded as people walk, run or cycle for their necessary exercise outside their home. As you all well know, the opportunities for activity during the pandemic are limited; walking and cycling in fresh air isContinue reading “Make room for social distancing – some car-free streets sometimes please”

NE Central Station exits and Elizabeth Street

The north east entrance/exits at Central Station place a pedestrian on that corner adjacent to all kind of road vehicle, if they need to cross Elizabeth Street. The small area available for pedestrians will be tested when the Chalmers St Light Rail stop becomes operational as new commuters are delivered to Surry Hills every fewContinue reading “NE Central Station exits and Elizabeth Street”