BIKEast and WalkSydney are pleased to make a joint submission on the Draft Maroubra Junction Masterplan. Our key points are:
1. Improved placemaking – prioritisation of people and community
2. Designing priority transport connectivity – based on the Transport for NSW Road User Space Allocation policy and the related Walking Space Guide
3. Improved pedestrian facilities – based on the relaxed Transport for NSW policy which allows councils to decide where they install pedestrian crossings on unclassified roads
4. Connecting the local cycling network with safe infrastructure – to encourage local trips by active transport
5. Lower road speeds to improve safety for all road users and especially pedestrians and people riding bicycles

WalkSydney is pleased to make a submission on Sustainable Burwood Strategy. Our main 3 points:
1. Prioritise good air quality by reducing motor vehicle emissions and improving pedestrian facilities.
2. Prioritise quality pedestrian facilities to encourage walking and benefit community health and sustainable transport
3. Incorporate strong accountability into the council’s sustainability strategy process