Sydney’s First TransportCamp

In a few days, Sydney will hold their first TransportCamp, an “unconference”, bringing together transport professionals, urban visionaries, technologists, and others interested in the intersection of urban mobility, cities and technology.

The concept of an “unconference”, is to use a loose, casual structure, to focus the conference on participant needs, and an informal and open exchange of information and ideas, rather than the conventionally structured programme of events.

Attendees set the agenda and collaborate to determine what are the key topics they want to hear about and discuss.  Topics can be broad ranging but should include an element of transport and mobility innovation.


You may be interested in attending to:

  1. share your wealth of knowledge,
  2. absorb information and seek diverse perspectives,
  3. ensure walking is represented in conversations around transport,
  4. meet people who are interested in transport!


Friday, February 22, 2019
8:30 AM 5:00 PM
Abercrombie Building, The University of Sydney

Cost $55 (lunch provided for participants)

Tickets still available.

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