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WalkSydney Membership Application

I apply for membership to WalkSydney Inc and endorse the organisation’s objectives which are:

  • To promote walking as a safe, efficient and pleasant method of transport.
  • To participate in the design of an urban environment to encourage pedestrian transport and amenity.
  • To provide opportunity for members and non-members to express and promote their views regarding walking as active transport.
  • A commitment to healthy, just, efficient, accessible and sustainable communities and to work together to overcome the physical, social and institutional barriers that often limit people’s choices to walk.
  • To advocate for improved pedestrian priority on existing and future transport networks.
  • To promote the design of streets for people
  • To promote investment in infrastructure for walking.
  • To co-operate and work with other groups and organisations to improve and promote walking as a viable and valid mode of transport.

If approved, I understand that I must pay the membership fee of $20 within three months of approval. (Payment info will be sent to you).

Join WalkSydney:

(1)  Complete this form:

(2) Once approved (or sooner if you wish) pay your dues

  • Account Name: WalkSydney Incorporated
  • Account type: Deposit account
  • Bank: Bank Australia
  • BSB: 313-140
  • Account Number: 12-211-036
  • Reference Number: please use your name as entered above