Tripping Over Trams

(According to the NSW Road Rules Dictionary, tram includes a light rail vehicle).

It has been a number of years of Light Rail construction and there are still years to go before completion.

Over this time, we’d observed various impediments to walking.

Obstructions, trip hazards and lack of temporary kerb ramps

(We received reports that a wheelchair user had trouble exiting the closed cycleway due to lack of temporary kerb ramp.)

Poor surfacing

Lack of treatment and provision for flooding

Poor or no lighting


We hope that other state construction projects will learn from the complaints received by the Light Rail project and will implement better provision for people walking and moving around the space.

Contact CBD and South East Light Rail

  • For information, call 1800 684 490 or email
  • For urgent enquiries or complaints regarding CBD and South East Light Rail construction, please call the 24-hour Construction Response Line on 1800 775 465.