A WalkSydney WalkUp

The now officially registered WalkSydney is holding a meeting on Saturday, May 11 at 2 pm. If you are interested in attending, email us at walksydney1@gmail.com with your contact info, and we will let you know the location.


Last Meeting Follow-up

  1. Incorporated association – paperwork

New Business

  1. Election of Executive Members
  2. Centre for Road Safety meeting
  3. Road Safety Advisory Council meeting – re: Testing AVs
  4. Premier’s Priorities – WalkSydney Representative for Working Group
  5. Submissions (current and upcoming)
    1. Sydney 2050 Submissions
    2. Central Sydney planning strategy,
    3. concept design for the stadium
    4. heavy vehicle law review.
    5. Rozelle interchange (modification)
    6. Western Harbour Tunnel.
  6. Request to Premier to amend road rules to
    1. clarify that every street crossing (marked or unmarked) is by default a crosswalk
    2. make drivers responsible to check for pedestrians at pedestrian crossings and corners,
    3. for a publicity campaign to support the road rule changes so that drivers look out for pedestrians.
  7. Other Business

We look forward to seeing you there.