Proposed continuous footpath

It’s always interesting to read the agendas for Transport related committees and see what councils are doing for walking.

City of Sydney’s Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee next week proposes a continuous footpath treatment for Commonwealth Street (corner Liverpool St) (map).

Austroads Guide to Road Design Part 6A, section 6.3 states that, as a general principle, the dominant flow should claim priority and maintain a level surface, and recommends continuous footpaths in conjunction with regulatory crossing treatments. (RMS Technical Direction)

liverpool commonwealth 2

Existing situation:

liverpool commonwealth

The committee report advises:

The City consulted local residents and businesses in the area. There were 265 letters sent out with no response supporting the proposal and one response opposing the proposal.
The response opposing the proposal acknowledged that there is a conflict between vehicles and pedestrians at this location, but disagrees that giving pedestrians higher priority than vehicles would address this issue.

The City places a high priority on pedestrian safety and accessibility and is keen, wherever possible, to implement traffic measures that encourage walking, rather than creating conditions that encourage people to drive.

As local residents and businesses, it can be important to respond to council notices with not only feedback around concerns, but with support as well.

Hopefully those on the committee will use their technical knowledge and experience to endorse this proposal, supporting people walking in Sydney.

Examples pictured are from the Alexandria local area traffic management plan presentation, (part of City of Sydney’s WestConnex: traffic solutions for Alexandria, Erskineville and St Peters).

example 2

June attendees for this committee included:

Harry Muker (A/Alternate Chair) City of Sydney
David Riordan City of Sydney
George Angelis City of Sydney
Joseph Gomes City of Sydney
Van Le City of Sydney
Claudia Calabro (Secretary) City of Sydney
Mariana Ivantsoff City of Sydney
Tony Ly City of Sydney
James Lawton City of Sydney
Cathy Peters Representative for the Member for Newtown
Bill Holliday Representative for the Member for Balmain
James Mihos Sydney City Police
Keith Williamson Surry Hills Police
Sarah Trivett Redfern PAC
Ray Wells Kings Cross LAC
Mohamed Tita Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)
Kaye Russell Sydney Coordination Office
David Ballm Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)
David Lenoir TWU

Councillor Professor Philip Thalis (Alternate Chair) City of Sydney
Alex Greenwich MP Member for Sydney
Roy Bishop Representative for Member for Sydney
Darren Jenkins Representative for the Member for Heffron
Marina Nestoriadis Leichhardt PAC
Sarah Zhang Pedestrian Representative
Rabih Bekdache Transitsystems
Bushara Gidies State Transit Authority
Jason Craig Property NSW