Why drivers should support policy that favours walking

What’s the best argument public policy should prioritise walking over driving, that would convince reasonable drivers?
Since Twitter is not a good reference source, I documented some answers below.
The only one I’ve found that works is “if you are dedicated to your car fine… but the last thing you need is being stuck in traffic behind 30 people who’d rather be walking/biking/taking transit” but don’t have the option”
Combo of walking/ public transport is healthier for body and mind and often faster. Lower emission. Multitask on public transport – and have contact with fellow citizens. More productive too. Less time spent hunting for a parking space.
My later colleague George Wickstrom had it right. Separate trips by trip length and do not waste resources on trips where the walk mode [is] feasible.
If driving is prioritized, you are more likely to kill a pedestrian and then your insurance rates will skyrocket.
In addition to everything mentioned in other comments, I find vehicle maintenance cost to be discouraging. There will be a lot less that we can fix in our cars ourselves with electrification and automation. Cybersecurity is often overlooked too.
Experimentally, we have opened up comments on this one, add your arguments below: