NE Central Station exits and Elizabeth Street

The north east entrance/exits at Central Station place a pedestrian on that corner adjacent to all kind of road vehicle, if they need to cross Elizabeth Street. The small area available for pedestrians will be tested when the Chalmers St Light Rail stop becomes operational as new commuters are delivered to Surry Hills every few minutes – these commuters will either enter Central Railway for the train or cross Elizabeth Street or walk south to the Devonshire Tunnel or Prince Alfred Park.

It’s a two stage process

Central Walk, another eastern entrance/exit, to Central which will connect Chalmers Street to the Metro should be operational in 3 years. No new crossing of Elizabeth Street is included in the proposal.

It seems that transport planners and providers are ignoring the link of walking between various modes. Walking is as valid a means of transport as any other and a part of every transport journey.

The two stage crossing in action
The ‘East Stairs’ – underpass across the Eastern Suburbs Rail Concourse which leads to an exit on the traffic island in front of the Dental Hospital. (Name refers to the number of stairs.)

If road vehicles are to continue to be permitted to use Elizabeth Street, perhaps an extension of the ‘East Stairs’ underpass could be explored. Access to this tiny underpass is from the Eastern Suburbs Rail Concourse.