How to let Transport for NSW know we want automated pedestrian actuators …

How long can CoronaVirus stay on one of these? For public health, all pedestrian signals should be made automatic. No contact required.

A member writes in explaining how to  complain to Transport for New South Wales asking to have pedestrian push buttons automated due to the Coronavirus? Obviously, the more people who identify this, the better.

Go to the RMS website,

  • click: contact,
  • click: online,
  • click: make a complaint,
  • click: roads,
  • click: management,
  • search: Sydney,
  • click: next.
  • Next screen: ‘How can we help you?’

In your own words or copy and paste the following:

Could all signalised pedestrian pushbuttons in NSW be programmed as ‘auto-switched’ 24 hours a day 365 days a year and signs installed above push buttons informing that button no longer needs to be pressed? This is due to the Coronavirus able to be transmitted via touching of the button, and if people do not touch the button could result in multiple deaths due to people resorting to running across the road. Ask to have it escalated to Rodd Staples and the COVID-19 incidents and scenarios Taskforce for immediate action. Other major cities around the world like New York, Washington DC, LA and Oslo have no button meaning that people do not need to press a button previously pressed by an infected person reducing the spread of the virus.

  • Would you like us to contact you with a response?: It’s up to you but saying yes means that the person responsible from TfNSW has to write to you.

The online form will take less than five minutes to complete.

Together we can get rid of the beg buttons for good and reduce the spread of the Coronavirus around Australia.