Time for pedestrians to be prioritised

I headed off on a usual Sunday walk around Blackwattle Bay in Glebe. There were more people than usual using the pathway. With the coronavirus restrictions exercise in the form or running, walking and cycling, with few other opportunities to get out, has made it clear how inadequate our mobile off road facilities are.

What has also become very apparent is how little priority is given to pedestrians. Walking around Blackwattle Bay, Westconnex is playing havoc with pedestrian/cycling pathways. Although no work was being done, footpaths remained closed.

It struck me that if it was a road where roadworks were taking place during the week and the road was still passable on the weekend it would have been open. Not the case for footpaths/cycleways the trouble of re-opening them not important enough as they are only for pedestrian/cyclist use.

Many of the footpaths are narrow and pedestrians and cyclists are expected to share.

With exercise being one of the only opportunities to leave the house and so important for our wellbeing as a community this should not be a lost opportunity for the encouragement of regular exercise and the improvement of the facilities for it to happen. Wider pedestrian pathways should be the priority. No closing of footpaths without a clear accessible alternative and for convenience of roadworks only.

There seems to be agreement on social media –