No more bandaids

NSW Government policy: Vibrant streets must balance movement and place.

But then,

NSW Government reality: There is no place. The road is our priority. Let’s add 40 metres of fencing to the existing fencing to ensure those pesky people can’t impact the road while they are trying to access a major shopping centre from silly places like:

  • their homes
  • various bus stops and cab rank (200m away via 3 crossings)
  • mid-block parking areas with poorly maintained footpaths and no kerb ramps

Even the image choice is emotive.

If the government was really thinking of safety for people walking, maybe they could:

  1. lower the speed limit (granted the gov has advised they will investigate this at the completion of the Light Rail project)
  2. upgrade the kerb ramps & footpaths
  3. redesign this centre so that it works for movement and place and people!

Current footpaths and kerb ramps are:

  • not to Australian standard
  • have poles in the middle of them
  • not enough space for people to safely wait away from traffic
Would you enjoy walking and standing at this crossing while cars turn?

We have so many great policies and so many people with fantastic expertise working in government, let’s apply our policy and expertise in a wholistic manner, to improve our communities to be convenient, easier and safer to move around in!