Don’t Fence Me In

A regulated pedestrian environment (Hume Highway in Ashfield)

Walking across the street away from the intersection is strongly discouraged on some roads. Purportedly for safety but in many cases to improve motor vehicle traffic flow.

This creates a chaffingly regulated environment for the pedestrian who wants to cross, for instance, a shopping street. Now when the shopping street is 6 (or more) lanes wide, regulation may be necessary, begging the question, why is the shopping street 6 lanes wide. But when the street is 4 (Hume Highway, Ashfield) or 2 lanes (Church Street, Parramatta) wide, we are not clear why cars have priority, especially given the recent adoption of the Movement and Places framework.

Tell us on social media (e.g. Twitter) where are the fences you would most like to see removed so that streets are returned to people.

Published by David M Levinson

Prof. David Levinson teaches at the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney, where he leads TransportLab and the Transport Engineering group.

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