Annual General Meeting

Walk Sydney will hold its Annual General Meeting via Zoom at 2:00 pm on Saturday, September 12, 2020. All members are welcome to attend. If you are not a member, please join.

If you plan to join, and want to attend, contact walksydney1 at gmail dot com for details. Current members should have received notice in their inbox.


Saturday 12 September 2020

2:00 pm by Zoom


  1. Welcome
  2. Confirmation of minutes of first general meeting held 27 July 2020
  3. Memberships
  4. Committee reports about activities during the preceding financial year
  5. Receipt and confirmation of the financial statement of the association
  6. Election of office-bearers (5 – President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Technologist, Secretary) and ordinary committee members (4) A member may nominate for election as an office-bearer or ordinary committee member before the meeting by writing or by email signed and endorsed by 2 members of WalkSydney and accompanied by the candidates consent by 3 September 2020. If insufficient nominations are received that further nominations will be received at the AGM.  A member should be financial i.e. have paid the $20 annual fee due 1 July 2020.
  7. General business – if a member wishes to bring any business to the general meeting please write to the Secretary so that the business can be included in the Agenda (cl31(4))
  8. Next committee meeting

NOTE – A regular meeting will follow the AGM

~2:30pm – Regular Meeting: Executive Admin

  1. Handover of the Gavel – Immediate Past President
  2. Assign Other Committee Roles – President
    1. Campaigns 
      1. Road Rules
      2. Traffic Signals
      3. Speed Limits
    2. Submissions
    3. Website Editorial
  3. Secretary’s Report – Secretary
    1. Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting  
    2. New Memberships 
  4. Treasurer’s Report –Treasurer
    1. Finances, 
    2. Grants and Sponsorships 
  5. Technology Report – Technologist
    1. Staging Website 
    2. Google Suite
  6. Social Media Report – Vice President
    1. Twitter – DL (617 Followers as of 2020-09-04)
    2. FB – YP
    3. IG – JW 
    4. Website editorial – DL
    5. LinkedIn – BB
    6. Newsletter – BB
    7. Events/Liaison –  BB
  7. Associations – Dick van den Dool
    1. IFP membership – Applied for after last meeting, not heard back, not listed on site.
    2. CWANZ – meeting
  8. Next Meeting
    1. Proposed: December 12, 2pm, via Zoom

~3:15pm – WalkSydney initiatives

  1. Welcome – President
  2. Campaigns – Campaigns Chair
    1. 30 Please – Lena Huda 
    2. Road Rules – JW
  3. Submissions – all
  4. New business

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Prof. David Levinson teaches at the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney, where he leads TransportLab and the Transport Engineering group.

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