Local Councils upgrade light rail spaces

As the Light Rail project (under Transport for NSW) starts to move responsibility of the surrounding lands back to Local Councils, Randwick City Council and City of Sydney have progressed quickly to create designs for vibrant and welcoming places for the community.

Meeks Street Plaza

Current temporary situation:

Randwick Council’s community survey found that the top 6 things people want at the plaza included trees and plantings, seating areas, local markets, outdoor dining, space for local performers and shade.

Design plans for Meeks Street Plaza were endorsed by Council on 28 July 2020. Construction is expected to begin March 2021. Details on the Randwick Council Have Your Say website.

Wimbo Park

The current “airport runway” (as described by some):

New concept design:

(Good to note that City of Sydney are focussed on removing the hazardous electrical boxes, currently installed in the middle of the paths).

Interesting to note there was some discussion that there may be potential in the future to install a Light Rail stop at Wimbo Park. The Lord Mayor had previously raised this with the Minister for Transport, and despite the project being unable to include this additional stop, some foundations have been placed to ensure future possibility if the community did support this. Representatives from the local schools supported the creation of this stop for use on school excursions to Circular Quay.

City of Sydney are currently taking feedback on board and working on final design before gaining planning approvals. Construction scheduled to commence in the second half of 2021. (9 months construction duration estimated). Details available on the City of Sydney website.

Keep your eye out for more designs as the transition continues!