Campaign to Restore Glebe Island Bridge as Pedestrian path and Cycleway

What the Bridge could be.

25 years ago on 3rd December 1995 the Glebe Island Bridge was decommissioned and the Anzac Bridge opened.

The Glebe Island Bridge is an Allan Truss swing bridge designed by Percy Allan and opened in 1903. It is a pair to the now restored Pyrmont Bridge across Darling Harbour.

In 2013 it was Heritage listed after much pressure from the community as there were proposals to demolish it. The push for it to be demolished has come from the Superyacht Marina who want an easier pathway into the bay where they tie up their yachts.

Since 2013 nothing further has happened and it slowly falls into disrepair. There has been talk of using it as a walkway to a Metro Station proposed at White Bay for people coming from the new developments at the Fishmarkets and Blackwattle Bay but there has been no commitment.

During the restrictions of Covid with more people walking and cycling it became apparent that a restored bridge could provide a much needed attractive walkway and cycleway between Rozelle/Balmain and Pyrmont. It could also become part of an attractive waterside walk around Blackwattle and Rozelle Bay. Still no commitment is made.

Glebe Island Bridge in its permanently open position.

A meeting is being held to push for the bridge to be restored on the 25th anniversary of its decommissioning, 3 December 2020 at 5.30pm at the Pyrmont end of the bridge. Please come if you can.

There is a Covid Safe Plan. We ask people to wear a mask and socially distance at the meeting. You will register your attendance with a QR code.