When will your Council set a 30 km/h limit in your neighbourhood?

Children on pedestrian island

Today WalkSydney and 30please.org wrote to 33 local governments in Greater Sydney asking when they would introduce a 30 km/h speed limit in residential neighbourhoods. Slow speed is the easiest way to increase pedestrian and cyclist safety. It also allows many road users to share the same space and is therefore inexpensive to introduce. (Read the letter.)

Pedestrian fatalities remain significant and high. The lauded lowering of road toll statistics is only a reality for drivers and passengers. Considering that a pedestrian is on foot, the danger of simply walking is disproportionate. Walking is part of travel; it is also how one gets between the various modes of transport. Our walking reflects our individual range of abilities.

Next steps?

You could ask your Local Council and State representatives what plans they have to make walking and cycling safer in your neighbourhood.

And you should ask when are they planning to lower to residential road speed limit to 30 km/h.