Lower class underpass

You may already be aware of this infamous underpass with its special rainy weather excitement..

Canterbury Rd underpass on the Cooks River Path

Last year, we heard that Canterbury Council acquired funding confirmation from the NSW government to fix this underpass up.

Discussion raised that in order to increase the vertical space between the path and underside of the bridge, the path will be lowered. It will be interesting to see how this will be handled to maintain safety around the water level.

Some design inspiration of what could be, spotted in Zurich by Mike Harris.

In January 2021, an update from the council stated:

We are working through the detour route options with the contractor and once we have their preferred solution we will be in touch with key stakeholders.
We are still trying to start in February however we have run into some design delays where it was noted that the longevity of the current design wasn’t where it needed to be (100 years).

Stay tuned!