Last day for NSW 2026 Road Safety Action Plan

Transport for NSW has set a target of zero fatalities and serious injuries on our roads by 2056 as part of the Future Transport Strategy

Transport for NSW are now developing a new, five year action plan to build on the success of Road Safety Plan 2021 (target of reducing road fatalities by 30 per cent from 2008–2010 levels by 2021). This new Plan will include 2030 trauma reduction targets, which are the next step in moving towards the goal of zero trauma on NSW roads.

They have identifed the following ideas:

Is there anything you would like to comment on, or that is missing from this list?

We urge all our followers to please go to the Road Safety website and complete the survey. The consultation closes on Thursday 29 April 2021.

A few of our points in our submission include:

  1. Deploy 30 km/h safe street neighbourhood zones: All NSW policy and guidelines need to be more explicit about how a 30 km/h speed limit in residential, school and certain commercial zones will significantly save lives and reduce serious injuries of all road users, consistent with International best practice, the aim of the strategy, and devise strategy to make this speed limit reality.
  2. Prioritise vulnerable road users. The safety improvements implemented for one demographic of road user should not compromise the safety of other users (eg. vulnerable road users.)
  3. Increase and improve education of road rules to improve the safety of vulnerable road users. Road Rules affecting the safety of vulnerable road users should form stronger education and communications programs.
  4. Stop victim blaming: A road fatality and serious injury is most commonly the result of a collision with a vehicle. Blaming the victim such as a pedestrian for an injury caused by a vehicle driver excuses the driver from being responsible for the operation of the vehicle.