Safer crossings in Randwick

Randwick Council has announced new and upgraded pedestrian crossings in Sydney’s east. These improvements are centred around schools and the surrounding streets and is supported by NSW stimulus funding. The local improvements include refuge islands and converting pedestrian crossings into raised pedestrians crossings. This is a positive step, and councils across Sydney should seek to copy this type of investment.

Raised pedestrian crossings (also known as wombat crossings) are more effective than plain zebra crossings. They make people driving, slow down at the crossing, which is far safer for people crossing the road.

Wombat in Willoughby Council area
Wombat in Willoughby Council area

It is so important to increase the accessibility of schools by foot. We should work to get over 50% of children walking or cycling to school. The benefits for children’s physical health, mental health, community connections, and awareness of their neighbourhood are huge.

We need even more wombat crossings and pedestrian refuge islands – keep them coming!