The Little Streets of Melbourne

The popular laneways of Melbourne are being redesigned for people on foot. (Walk this way: Melbourne’s little streets to be transformed into pedestrian paradise, The Age, 12 Dec 2020)

Little Bourke St

These iconic thoroughfares are part of its identity, and are a notable experience for those looking to dine, shop, live or work in the CBD. They often have unique, small shops and due to their narrowness, fewer and slower cars, which makes outdoor dining far more appealing.

Melbourne City Council has moved to improve the experience for those on foot and bicycle, by lowering the speed limit from 40 km/h to 20 km/h, widening footpaths, installing more plants and seating, and best of all, giving pedestrians right of way over vehicles and bicycles. This strengthens the roads purpose as being a place instead of being for vehicle movement.

Artists impression of an upgraded laneway

This Little Streets project has been rolled out in four streets, and will expand to more this year.

Where would you like to see this in Sydney?