UK Highway Code Commences

New Hierarchy of Road Users New Hierarchy of Road Users

On 29 January 2022 changes to The UK Highway Code came into effect. The Highway Code is the UK’s version of the road rules.

A hierarchy of road users assists all road users and guides decision-making in situations where there are a variety of road users in the same public space. Changes to the UK Code are part of a campaign to improve infrastructure for walking and cycling.

Switzerland also has priority rules– in summary:

  • Traffic from the right (including cyclists) has priority.
  • Traffic on rotary intersections has priority, unless the signs indicate otherwise.
  • Police cars, ambulances and fire trucks always have priority. This goes for trams as well.
  • You’re required to stop for pedestrians who want to use a zebra crossing. Swiss drivers don’t take this rule lightly and do indeed stop even if pedestrians are only approaching a crossing. As a tourist you are expected to do the same, and pedestrians expect to get right of way. Trams don’t need to stop for pedestrians.

WalkSydney continues to ask that road rules be changed to acknowledge that where pedestrians must cross a road such as at corners and on marked crossings, vehicles must yield.

Rewriting the road rules to include the priority concept such as in the UK Highway Code would support road safety outcomes.

New Hierarchy of Road Users