Upgrades to Sydney Harbour & Coast Walk (Northern Beaches section)

NBU2-7 Whale Beach Rd NBU2-7 Whale Beach Rd

We recently met with representatives of The Walking Volunteers, a group dedicated to identifying walking, mapping and producing walking maps for Sydneysiders and visitors. The downloadable maps on their website contain over 1,000 kilometres of walking routes. They were interested in the WalkConnex and BikeConnex map posted earlier this year. (The WalkConnex part), and of course have their own ideas.

They have shared some of their proposals for upgrades to a section of the Sydney Harbour & Coast Walking along the Northern Beaches is already a wonderful walking route but it could be enhanced in 21 locations. The table below shows what is required to upgrade each section and who the responsible land manager is. Maps for each of these upgrades are below. We hope these can be actioned forthwith.

IDLocalityFromToLand ManagerMetres 
     FootpathPathTrack Benched trackFRP BoardwalkStepsNotes
NBU01 Palm BeachStation BeachNorth Palm BeachNorthern Beaches Council    585  
NBU02Palm BeachPalm Beach PoolWhale Beach RoadNorthern Beaches Council     116Upgrade existing steps
NBU03Palm Beach413 Whale Beach Road403 Whale Beach RoadNorthern Beaches Council159      
NBU04Palm Beach403 Whale Beach Road367 Whale Beach RoadNorthern Beaches Council    229 Elevated to offset slope
NBU05Palm Beach367 Whale Beach Road365 Whale Beach RoadNorthern Beaches Council78      
NBU06Palm Beach365 Whale Beach Road347 Whale Beach RoadNorthern Beaches Council    151 Elevated to offset slope
NBU07Palm Beach347 Whale Beach RoadNorma Reserve Northern Beaches Council252      
NBU08Avalon Beach80 The Serpentine80 The SerpentineNorthern Beaches Council48      
NBU09Avalon Beach80 The SerpentineNorth Bilgola LookoutNorthern Beaches Council    196 Elevated to offset slope
NBU10Bilgola BeachNorth Bilgola Lookout74 The SerpentineNorthern Beaches Council    97 Elevated to offset slope
NBU11Bilgola Beach52 The SerpentineExisting stepsNorthern Beaches Council   227 73 
NBU12CollaroyBeach Road (northern end)Twight Reserve stepsNorthern Beaches Council 158    Gravel path
NBU13CollaroyTwight Reserve stepsOcean Grove (street)Northern Beaches Council 237     
NBU14CollaroyAnzac AvenueFishermans Beach boat rampNorthern Beaches Council 110     
NBU15Dee WhyDee Why Lagoon outletDee Why northern carparkNorthern Beaches Council    742  
NBU16Dee WhyDee Why northern carparkDee Why SLSCNorthern Beaches Council 152     
NBU17FreshwaterOcean View RoadKooloora AvenueNorthern Beaches Council 150    Along eastern side of carpark
NBU18North HeadExisting boardwalkGuard HouseSydney Harbour Federation Trust 92    Bitumen path
NBU19North HeadMemorial WalkNorth Head Scenic DriveSydney Harbour Federation Trust/ Sydney Harbour National Park 237    Bitumen path
NBU20North HeadGunners WalkNorth Head Scenic DriveSydney Harbour Federation Trust      Existing FRP boardwalk
NBU21North HeadNorth Head Scenic DriveCollins Beach Road carparkSydney Harbour National Park  509    
    Totals 53711365092272000189 
Northern Beaches Section

For further information, contact Bill Avery, Secretary, The Walking Volunteers  (02) 4784 2002