Clamouring to Reclaim Sydney’s High Streets

I had the opportunity to attend the Committee for Sydney ‘s launch of their newest advocacy piece “ Reclaiming Sydney’s High Streets.”   “High streets, sometimes referred to as main streets or shopping strips, are the beating heart of our neighbourhoods: where we meet friends, buy daily necessities, people-watch, or have a cup of coffee. They are aContinue reading “Clamouring to Reclaim Sydney’s High Streets”

North Sydney Council Mayor focusses on walking

Great to see Mayor Jilly Gibson’s Mayoral Minute in the Feb meeting advocating for pedestrian interests in North Sydney Council! Mayor Gibson has also shown support for a future 30km/h speed zone in and around high-pedestrian areas. If you’re available tonight, head on over to the North Sydney Council meeting and show some support! (CouncilContinue reading “North Sydney Council Mayor focusses on walking”