F6 extension walking and cycling path improvements

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback earlier in the year to the Proposed F6 Extension Motorway.

Some good news: As part of the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces’ approval process, one of the key changes means they will now build a direct, off-road shared pedestrian and cycle pathway that will replace the indirect, on-road connection between Bruce Street and England Street in Brighton-Le-Sands. 👏🎉 (see blue line below)

Community feedback indicated the proposed on-road section was unsatisfactory – indirect and unsafe.

(May 2019 – summary of project proposal from Bicycle NSW.)

This is great news, and aligns with the Minister Rob Stokes’ statements in the SMH earlier in the year that he would “buy up forgotten land across Sydney to create new parks and playgrounds, linkages between green space, and cycleways to meet the needs of the growing population”.

The amendments state:

E151 The proposed on-road portion of the active transport corridor between Bruce Street and England Street at Brighton-Le-Sands, as described in the EIS, must be realigned:

  1. to follow the existing F6 reserved corridor;
  2. utilise TfNSW(RMS)-owned properties where possible;
  3. in a manner that maximises the safe movement of pedestrians and cyclists, and maximises the separation of the cycleway from the existing road network; and
  4. to provide a contiguous shared pathway for pedestrians and cyclists between Greg Arkins Mini Field and Rockdale Bicentennial Park via Tony Baker Reserve.

The F6 Extension full Conditions of Approval can be viewed via the “Infrastructure Approval” document on the Project page.