Whose turn? The strange case of Golden Grove Street and Darlington Road

At the intersection of Darlington Road and Golden Grove Street, adjacent to the University of Sydney campus (the route to King Street for those of us in Darlington), drivers seem to believe that the turn (Golden Grove to Darlington, Darlington to Golden Grove) is a through road, and honk at pedestrians safely and legally crossing the street on the south side Darlington (East to West from campus to Prince’s Highway).

The NSW Road Rules of course require drivers to yield to pedestrians crossing the street they are entering, but not the street they are exiting, because of course they do.

Darlington is one-way until that point, there is no stop sign on Golden Grove, and the sign on Golden Grove says “Left Turn Only” (which though it shows a “turn”, also implies a clear right-of-way aside from us pesky pedestrians).

This is a turn legally, and in any case, drivers are supposed to not hit pedestrians in the road, but they seem to view it as if we are making a mid-block crossing and in the wrong since Darlington east of here has a Yield sign.

A marked crosswalk across Golden Grove and across Darlington (ideally raised like a Wombat, but anything really) would help remind drivers of the appropriate safe position here.

Who should this be addressed to?


Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 13.43.07
A Google Streetview. Drivers think the turn is not a turn.


Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 13.41.02
An aerial photo
Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 13.40.42
A map
Should the red car stop? Does it know whether it should stop? Will it stop? Is it obliged to stop?