Whose turn? The strange case of Golden Grove Street and Darlington Road

(April 21, 2020) See update below At the intersection of Darlington Road and Golden Grove Street, adjacent to the University of Sydney campus (the route to King Street for those of us in Darlington), drivers seem to believe that the turn (Golden Grove to Darlington, Darlington to Golden Grove) is a through road, and honkContinue reading “Whose turn? The strange case of Golden Grove Street and Darlington Road”

We Want Wombats

A wombat crossing is wide, flat, and elevated marked pedestrian crossing. In short, it’s a zebra crossing on a speed hump. Named for the short stumpy Australian marsupial which it loosely resembles, the wombat crossing does several things: It elevates pedestrians relative to the street, increasing their visibility. This is important as cars are gettingContinue reading “We Want Wombats”

Green Square deserves A (pedestrian-accessible) Green Square

Let us speak not of beautiful glass boxes. Let us dream not of transit-oriented design.  Instead,  let us talk about the multi-jurisdictional, dysfunctional pedestrian nightmare that is today’s Green Square redevelopment, (map) . So I am walking down the West side of Wyndham Street (as I am wont to do) and want to go toContinue reading “Green Square deserves A (pedestrian-accessible) Green Square”

The Double-Cross: Missing Pedestrian Crossings

Every signal controlled intersection should have protected pedestrian crossings on every side of every street. Yet this is not the case in much of Sydney. T-intersections often are missing a pedestrian crossing.  Not only are marked crosswalks missing, walk signals are missing too, and pedestrians are discouraged from crossing. The reason is presumably convenience forContinue reading “The Double-Cross: Missing Pedestrian Crossings”