Make room for social distancing – some car-free streets sometimes please

Narrow footpaths are inadequate for maintaining safe social distancing. You may also have noticed that many public spaces are noticeably crowded as people walk, run or cycle for their necessary exercise outside their home. As you all well know, the opportunities for activity during the pandemic are limited; walking and cycling in fresh air is essential for maintaining health now more than ever. 

It is becoming clear that more space must be created to allow for safe social distancing. Cities which are responding to this social need are organising some car-free streets for some times to enable people to move about with 1.5 to 2 metres between each other. New York and Philadelphia are such cities. Solutions are developed which are responsive to community needs.

Some places like Market Street in San Francisco, or George Street in Sydney are car-free all the time while allowing public transport and emergency vehicles.

Is your suburb in need of a bit more space for pedestrians and cyclists at this time?

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