Mapping Sydney Billboards: Every QMS advertising panel in Sydney

Through August and October I visited every QMS advertising panel in the City of Sydney. I surveyed their location and ref code to add to OpenStreetMap, an open geospatial database that powers many maps worldwide. I uploaded photos of many displays to Mapillary, which you can view by clicking on pins in the map above.

Make room for social distancing – some car-free streets sometimes please

Narrow footpaths are inadequate for maintaining safe social distancing. You may also have noticed that many public spaces are noticeably crowded as people walk, run or cycle for their necessary exercise outside their home. As you all well know, the opportunities for activity during the pandemic are limited; walking and cycling in fresh air isContinue reading “Make room for social distancing – some car-free streets sometimes please”

Submission: Fish Market

WalkSydney is pleased to make a submission on the Sydney Fish Market – Concept and Stage 1. WalkSydney is a community group advocating for walking and better streets and walking networks. Streets provide places for important social and economic engagement as well as infrastructure for walking. WalkSydney wants to see bold coordinated action to makeContinue reading “Submission: Fish Market”

`Save the Trees’ on Lawson Street, Redfern

Anyone who has traveled from Redfern station to the University of Sydney is familiar with Lawson Street. The footpaths on Lawson Street are crowded, and the City of Sydney has a plan to widen them. Unfortunately, this involves removing mature trees and planting new trees in the parking lane. Local residents have started a petitionContinue reading “`Save the Trees’ on Lawson Street, Redfern”

Surface treatments – a disutility from utilities.

In the minds of urban designers, the footpaths are designed and built with a particular material. On day 1 it looks lovely. But some utility needs to be repaired, and works need to be done, so the bricks in the footpaths are ripped out. They are never properly restored, asphalt is somehow sufficient replacement. AndContinue reading “Surface treatments – a disutility from utilities.”

De-rubbishing our footpaths

Consider the featured image, a set of rubbish and recycling bins, and their spillover, on a footpath in Chippendale (at the intersection of Shepherd and Cleveland). Or consider the similar photo in Darlington. I am sure Sydneysiders have experienced worse. Adjacent to these are cars parked on-the-street at the kerb. We see this in placesContinue reading “De-rubbishing our footpaths”

Green Square deserves A (pedestrian-accessible) Green Square

Let us speak not of beautiful glass boxes. Let us dream not of transit-oriented design.  Instead,  let us talk about the multi-jurisdictional, dysfunctional pedestrian nightmare that is today’s Green Square redevelopment, (map) . So I am walking down the West side of Wyndham Street (as I am wont to do) and want to go toContinue reading “Green Square deserves A (pedestrian-accessible) Green Square”

The Alexandria – Moore Park Disconnector

The Alexandria-Moore Park Connector (A2MP) is proposed as a set of road widenings that will attract additional vehicles to the sequence of roads: Euston Road, McEvoy Street, Lachlan Street, Dacey Avenue, Allison Road, which are being redesigned into  a single contiguous at-grade thoroughfare. It looks like a substitute for traffic from the M5 cutting over toContinue reading “The Alexandria – Moore Park Disconnector”