Mapping Sydney Billboards: Every QMS advertising panel in Sydney

Through August and October I visited every QMS advertising panel in the City of Sydney. I surveyed their location and ref code to add to OpenStreetMap, an open geospatial database that powers many maps worldwide. I uploaded photos of many displays to Mapillary, which you can view by clicking on pins in the map above.

Pedestrians left at the kerb by Google Maps

It’s 2018. When you’re in an unfamiliar part of town and you’re figuring out how to get to where you’re going, what do you do? You certainly don’t ask for directions or to borrow someone’s street directory. If you’re navigationally minded you might get a bearing from the sun or, if you find yourself inContinue reading “Pedestrians left at the kerb by Google Maps”

Map Monday: Isochrones and the Thirty-Minute City

Travel Time Platform is a website that lets users draw Isochrones, areas which can be reached in a given amount of time (Iso from the Greek for same, chronos for time). I have used it to draw a time radius. Here we show a 30 minute walking time from the Seymour Centre (near the WalkSydneyContinue reading “Map Monday: Isochrones and the Thirty-Minute City”