Better Transport for Sydney

We asked our Twitter readership what they would do to make transport in Sydney better. Below we synthesise and organise their responses below. Note, no one said “build more motorways”. The general sentiment was to prioritise those making shorter trips, prioritise safety, and prioritise people throughput above all else. We don’t endorse all of theseContinue reading “Better Transport for Sydney”

Wolli Creek, the Cooks River, and the case of the missing bridges

Working from home in Wolli Creek, an intensively redeveloped suburb where 97% of residents also live in apartments, I can see a large green area – a combination of Waterworth Park, Gough Whitlam Park, and other smaller reserves in the low-rise suburb of Undercliffe. From my window it’s 250m to Waterworth Park – how convenient!Continue reading “Wolli Creek, the Cooks River, and the case of the missing bridges”

Why Australian road rules should be rewritten to put walking first

Published in The Conversation, reposted here: You are walking east on a footpath and come to an unmarked intersection without traffic signals. A vehicle is driving north, across your path. Who has right of way in Australia? Should you step into the road expecting the vehicle to slow down or stop if necessary? Is theContinue reading “Why Australian road rules should be rewritten to put walking first”

Inaugural Great West Walk Wianamatta Regional Park

The Great West Walk, a 65km section of Sydney’s walking network linking Parramatta and Penrith, is being launched with an Inaugural walk over five days from Friday 11th to Tuesday 15th October. The full walk is being undertaken by members of the Walking Volunteers and other walkers are being encouraged to join the Volunteers onContinue reading “Inaugural Great West Walk Wianamatta Regional Park”

Pedestrians are Fine, Don’t Fine Pedestrians

The Sydney Morning Herald presents an opinion that It’s futile and yet police persist in fining jaywalkers. This is our sad reality, pedestrians, who cannot of themselves do much damage, are fined, while cars, which can kill in the blink of an eye, proceed unscathed. The stated argument for criminalising “jaywalking” (not an actual crime, butContinue reading “Pedestrians are Fine, Don’t Fine Pedestrians”

Walking from West to the City Centre in Sydney

If walking is to regain precedence as a viable and enjoyable way of getting about in Sydney, authorities have to make walking networks a reality. Here is a visual critique of the most used walking route between Glebe Point and the City Centre via Pyrmont Bridge. This is a path that is shared between cyclistsContinue reading “Walking from West to the City Centre in Sydney”

Walking to the hospital

Hospitals, in addition to providing health care to patients, employ a sizeable workforce, may have numerous students particularly if they are large public teaching hospitals, and receive many visitors. Given this, they generate significant demand for travel. Hospitals are also the most visible and largest component of the health system and are in prime positionContinue reading “Walking to the hospital”

Map Monday: Isochrones and the Thirty-Minute City

Travel Time Platform is a website that lets users draw Isochrones, areas which can be reached in a given amount of time (Iso from the Greek for same, chronos for time). I have used it to draw a time radius. Here we show a 30 minute walking time from the Seymour Centre (near the WalkSydneyContinue reading “Map Monday: Isochrones and the Thirty-Minute City”