Better Transport for Sydney

We asked our Twitter readership what they would do to make transport in Sydney better. Below we synthesise and organise their responses below. Note, no one said “build more motorways”. The general sentiment was to prioritise those making shorter trips, prioritise safety, and prioritise people throughput above all else. We don’t endorse all of theseContinue reading “Better Transport for Sydney”

Residents campaign for second entrance to stations to increase patronage

After a several year-long campaign for mobility access to the platform, last year the Gladys Berejiklian government promised to build lifts by 2023. Rather than wait another three years for infrastructure that should have been built long ago, the resident action group Friends of Erskineville decided to set our sights higher and push for a second entrance at theContinue reading “Residents campaign for second entrance to stations to increase patronage”

Traffic-free Boxing Day

Transport for NSW has rolled out traffic-free road changes to support pedestrian safety in the CBD today for the boxing day sales. As part of this one day arrangement, the newly opened L2 light rail will be closed from QVB to Circular Quay. L2 will only run between Randwick and Town Hall. (For those unfamiliarContinue reading “Traffic-free Boxing Day”

Submission: Redfern Station Southern Concourse

WalkSydney is pleased to make a submission on the Redfern Station Southern Concourse. WalkSydney is a community group working to make it easier, safer and more pleasant to walk in Sydney. With a growing population we need to ensure people can easily walk to public transport, local shops and services, and shared transport options.   HistoricallyContinue reading “Submission: Redfern Station Southern Concourse”

Walking to the hospital

Hospitals, in addition to providing health care to patients, employ a sizeable workforce, may have numerous students particularly if they are large public teaching hospitals, and receive many visitors. Given this, they generate significant demand for travel. Hospitals are also the most visible and largest component of the health system and are in prime positionContinue reading “Walking to the hospital”

Map Monday: Isochrones and the Thirty-Minute City

Travel Time Platform is a website that lets users draw Isochrones, areas which can be reached in a given amount of time (Iso from the Greek for same, chronos for time). I have used it to draw a time radius. Here we show a 30 minute walking time from the Seymour Centre (near the WalkSydneyContinue reading “Map Monday: Isochrones and the Thirty-Minute City”

Walking and waterborne public transport

It is often said that every transit user is also a pedestrian. But planners of new transport infrastructure do not always pay enough attention to the walking part of transit journeys. This can lead to dissatisfaction with the overall experience, even if the passenger is happy with other aspects – service frequency, transit speed, cleanliness,Continue reading “Walking and waterborne public transport”