Traffic-free Boxing Day

Transport for NSW has rolled out traffic-free road changes to support pedestrian safety in the CBD today for the boxing day sales. As part of this one day arrangement, the newly opened L2 light rail will be closed from QVB to Circular Quay. L2 will only run between Randwick and Town Hall. (For those unfamiliarContinue reading “Traffic-free Boxing Day”

Pedestrians left at the kerb by Google Maps

It’s 2018. When you’re in an unfamiliar part of town and you’re figuring out how to get to where you’re going, what do you do? You certainly don’t ask for directions or to borrow someone’s street directory. If you’re navigationally minded you might get a bearing from the sun or, if you find yourself inContinue reading “Pedestrians left at the kerb by Google Maps”

Managing our roads for better places

The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is now planning and building links to form a network of connected motorways in Sydney. In about ten years Sydney will have motorways connecting Sydney – north, south, east, west – providing fast and easy driving for longer trips around Sydney. The individual network projects have all claimed benefitsContinue reading “Managing our roads for better places”