The Pits of Communication

As you walk, you may notice items that cause disruption to the footpath.

These disruptions may be utilities such as water and telecommunications, buried underneath the footpath.

Sometimes these areas become damaged, causing potential trip hazards.

One way to get these fixed is to report them to your local council.
Their details will be on their website. Note that there is always an after-hours contact number available.

Most local councils can also be contacted via the mobile app, Snap Send Solve.

Snap Send Solve uses your phone’s GPS location to easily work out which council to contact. Snap Send Solve also includes other communication channels that may be useful – e.g. reporting lost trolleys to local supermarkets.

Note that each company is responsible for their pit covers specifically.
You may receive a faster response by contacting the companies directly.
Their name will be labelled on the pit cover. (See below for Optus example)


Reporting issues is a quick and easy way to help your local council look after the community.

Go forth and report!