Restore Step Free Access to St Peters Station

J Killen has started a petition to restore step free access to St Peters Station: To the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of the NSW Parliament The installation of lifts from the concourse at St Peters Railway Station to the platforms is most welcome. But access has been undermined as the ramp entrance fromContinue reading “Restore Step Free Access to St Peters Station”

Summer Streets Series Sydney

If you have time and are in the area today, go check out car-free Redfern Street (Sunday 23 Jan)! It’s really exciting to see City of Sydney transforming local streets into car-free zones for a series of special events, an initiative to support small business, and provide outdoor entertainment for residents. Some observations from peopleContinue reading “Summer Streets Series Sydney”

Maroubra Junction Masterplan submission

BIKEast and WalkSydney are pleased to make a joint submission on the Draft Maroubra Junction Masterplan. Our key points are:
1. Improved placemaking – prioritisation of people and community
2. Designing priority transport connectivity – based on the Transport for NSW Road User Space Allocation policy and the related Walking Space Guide
3. Improved pedestrian facilities – based on the relaxed Transport for NSW policy which allows councils to decide where they install pedestrian crossings on unclassified roads
4. Connecting the local cycling network with safe infrastructure – to encourage local trips by active transport
5. Lower road speeds to improve safety for all road users and especially pedestrians and people riding bicycles

Burwood Council Sustainability Strategy

WalkSydney is pleased to make a submission on Sustainable Burwood Strategy. Our main 3 points:
1. Prioritise good air quality by reducing motor vehicle emissions and improving pedestrian facilities.
2. Prioritise quality pedestrian facilities to encourage walking and benefit community health and sustainable transport
3. Incorporate strong accountability into the council’s sustainability strategy process

Last day for NSW 2026 Road Safety Action Plan

NSW has set a target of zero fatalities and serious injuries on our roads by 2056 as part of our Future Transport Strategy. Transport for NSW are now developing a new, five year action plan to build on the success of Road Safety Plan 2021 (target of reducing road fatalities by 30 per cent from 2008–2010 levels by 2021). This new Plan will include 2030 trauma reduction targets, which are the next step in moving towards the goal of zero trauma on NSW roads.

NSW Design and Place State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) submission

WalkSydney is pleased to make a submission on the new NSW Design and Place State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP). WalkSydney is a community group advocating for walking and better streets public places and walking networks. Streets provide places for important social and economic engagement as well as infrastructure for walking. WalkSydney wants to see boldContinue reading “NSW Design and Place State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) submission”

WalkSydney receives NSW Community Recognition Statement

Back in November 2020, Alex Greenwich, Member for Sydney gave a Community Recognition Statement to the Legislative Assembly of the NSW Parliament to commend WalkSydney’s work making Sydney more walkable. In particular, to recognise our efforts advocating to improve safety and access for pedestrians, particular in the Sydney electorate where so many places are closeContinue reading “WalkSydney receives NSW Community Recognition Statement”

Small wins

After seeing many elderly people frequently waiting at this bus stop, I decided to contact Bayside Council to suggest some seating. Despite the land being managed by the Meriton development for the next few years, Bayside Council kindly found a spare seat to install. Thank you Bayside Council! Before After

Isn’t a raised pedestrian crossing the same as a continuous footpath?

Hmmmm. In this month’s City of Sydney Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee, there is an item regarding pedestrian improvements to Little Regent St, Chippendale. The intersection currently consists of a painted traffic island, resulting in an unprotected, very wide crossing for pedestrians accessing Central Station and Chinatown: Below is the proposed design ofContinue reading “Isn’t a raised pedestrian crossing the same as a continuous footpath?”

Local Councils upgrade light rail spaces

As the Light Rail project (under Transport for NSW) starts to move responsibility of the surrounding lands back to Local Councils, Randwick City Council and City of Sydney have progressed quickly to create designs for vibrant and welcoming places for the community. Meeks Street Plaza Current temporary situation: Randwick Council’s community survey found that theContinue reading “Local Councils upgrade light rail spaces”

Welcome to the new WalkSydney committee!

Today, we held our Annual General Meeting, and we welcome the new WalkSydney committee for the next year: Barnaby Bennett – President Yvonne Poon  – Vice-President David Haertsch – Treasurer Regina Haertsch – Secretary Federico Marcantognini – Technologist David Martin – Committee member Lena Huda – Committee member David Levinson – Committee member Nicole BadstuberContinue reading “Welcome to the new WalkSydney committee!”

Submission: The Crescent overpass and active transport links Modification

Project background from Westconnex (M4-M5 Link Rozelle Interchange): In August 2019, changes were proposed to the design and construction of the M4-M5 Link (Rozelle Interchange) as described and assessed in the 2017 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). These changes were described in The Crescent Overpass and active transport links Modification Report (August 2019). Transport for NSW carried out aContinue reading “Submission: The Crescent overpass and active transport links Modification”

We need to protect people while they’re social distancing

Today the NRMA drew attention to the increase in walking and cycling fatalies for the period Jan-May compared to previous years. We’ve been watching with interest, the many facilities that have popped up around the world, increasing space for people walking. Do you have images to share? Use #SpaceForHealth and join the conversation on socialContinue reading “We need to protect people while they’re social distancing”