WalkSydney needs you to add your voice and make walking in Sydney better. Posts are on the order of 500 words, but can be longer or shorter as the topic warrants.

WalkSydney uses WordPress to publish posts and organise our site. All submitted posts are reviewed and copy-edited by our editors before publication, and also are reviewed to ensure they add to the general conversation.

WalkSydney editors can also offer guidance on using WordPress, reviewing drafts, or troubleshooting posts.

To set up a contributor account, get more information, or ask a question about writing for WalkSydney, contact us .

A summary of how to get started:

1. Join WordPress

a) Join WordPress – https://wordpress.com/

b) Contact us   to be added to the WalkSydney wordpress site.

>Current WordPress roles

    • Everyone is a Contributor 
      • Contributors can create a post 
      • Contributors can upload files. 
    • David, Yvonne, Federico, and Brigid are Administrators.
      • Only Admins can post. 

2. Start drafting posts

  1.  Go to Blog Post – Add
  2.  Start writing your blog post
  3. Check the Post Settings to see if there is anything else that can be added – eg. Add a Feature Image, Categories & Tags

Not sure what to post?

Have a look at previous posts to get an idea.

The focus is on whatever matters to people on foot, from Wollongong to Newcastle and from the Pacific to the Blue Mountains.  We hope WalkSydney will not be contained to just the CBD or City of Sydney! So if there is an issue of importance in Sutherland Shire, and you have prepared public testimony or written a submission to the relevant officials, that could be adapted into a post.

And it’s not just problems and outrages (though there will be plenty of that), it’s also things that are great, and maybe things that should be replicated or adapted elsewhere.

Generally, every post should have an image (this greatly increases visibility on social media).

Are you having trouble with images?  (This is due to incompatibilities with plugins.)

To be able to upload images as a Contributor:

Login via:


Note this login is the one created in wp-admin, so differs from what was created in wordpress.com

Users will be able to change this password as needed by clicking on “forgot password”

Once you are logged in this way, you should be able to upload photos via “Add Media”. (The interface looks a bit more archaic, because it is.)

3.  Set to Pending Review

Once your post is ready, please don’t “Publish” yet, set it to Pending Review.   (Under Post Settings, Status, Pending Review).

4.  An administrator will publish the post

If our volunteer administrators haven’t published the post or responded to you, please try to Contact Us directly.