WalkSydney needs your voice to carry out our mission to make walking better. If you’ve ever thought about what makes your street wonderful or challenging, you could write about it.

Posts range from personal essays to technical analyses and combinations of everything in between. WalkSydney welcomes all perspectives, from experienced professionals sharing their research to high school students’ observations; we’re particularly interested in posts with viewpoints not already represented on the site.

Most posts are about 500 to 1000 words long, but great posts may be shorter or longer. Your own images or properly sourced pictures, charts, graphs, and other visual aids will help you make your point clearly and concisely. We welcome one-off posts as well as new regular writers willing to commit to a biweekly, monthly, or quarterly schedule.

WalkSydney uses WordPress to publish posts and organise our site. All submitted posts are reviewed and copy-edited by the our editors. The editors ensure posts meet our common-sense Editorial Policy intended to foster active, civil conversation about cities, streets, and places and the people in them.

WalkSydney editors can also offer guidance on using WordPress, reviewing drafts, or troubleshooting posts.

To set up a contributor account, get more information, or ask a question about writing for WalkSydney, contact us  at walksydney1@gmail.com.