Restore Step Free Access to St Peters Station

J Killen has started a petition to restore step free access to St Peters Station:

To the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of the NSW Parliament
The installation of lifts from the concourse at St Peters Railway Station to the platforms is most welcome. But access has been undermined as the ramp entrance from Goodsell St to St Peters Railway Station concourse has been replaced with a short flight of stairs.

This makes access to the lifts and platform impossible for people in wheelchairs, and more difficult for:

  • the elderly and others who struggle with stairs,
  • commuters with mobility disability,
  • people travelling with young children,
  • those with heavy shopping or a shopping trolley
  • cyclists

Those who cannot manage the stairs now face traversing at lease an additional 180m in order to access the station.

We request the Parliament to instruct the Minister for Transport to reinstate step-free access between Goodsell Street and St Peters station.

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